Practice of Forgiveness

Have you ever heard someone say, "You just need to learn to forgive."  As though forgiveness is just something you decide to do. . . or not.  But is it just that easy or simple?  And why is it important?

Forgiveness is complicated by the circumstances, the relationships, and/or the unimaginable hurt we have experienced.  The idea of forgiveness leads to questions like, "If I forgive them, how do I protect myself from letting them do it again?"  Or, "If I forgive them, aren't they just getting away with it?  Who is holding them accountable?"

In the Practice of Forgiveness workshop, we explore what forgiveness means and what it doesn't.  We look at the consequences of un-forgiveness in our lives and we talk about different way to practice forgiveness in our lives.

Join us for this powerful workshop designed to help you improve your life and relationships.