Post Traumatic Church Syndrome

Spiritual or religious experiences can be powerfully positive. Life changing, even! However, sometimes things take a turn. When that occurs, it can be incredibly confusing because lots of people think of religion as a safe place – a healing place. And yet there are religious leaders, environments, and families that can contaminate that safe place and cause harm. Sometimes it’s obvious and other times it’s subtle. The subtlety of it is can be what gets to us. It’s easy to excuse, overlook, or even rationalize. It can be isolating and painful to start to acknowledge doubts and come to terms your experience.

Join us as we talk about what Spiritual Abuse is, how to heal from it and how we can find spiritual connection with God and others again, even if we do it differently. 

Cost: $75

Friday, Nov 6 from 7pm to 9pm and

Saturday, Nov 7 from 9am to 12pm

2nd floor Conference room