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Leah Rowe

Graduate Student

Throughout life, we experience many transitions that will bring with us new seasons of life. I have learned that through a transitional experience, there is a lot of knowledge to gather along the way. It is important to accept life changes although they may feel inconceivable in the moment and is okay to accept the help of another. No matter the current view of an experience, I will be here to help support and navigate you on this path of change.

I knew I wanted to go into the counseling field when COVID began and things vastly changed for student-athletes across the country, from the loss of seasons, isolation from friends and coaches, to long stretches without guidance. I graduated from the University of Arkansas at Monticello where I played Division II golf. I then transferred to Lindenwood University where I played my final tournament season and began the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program.

I will be able to use the lessons learned throughout my experience as a student-athlete as well as knowledge from my counseling program to support individuals overcoming new seasons of change.


Leah Rowe
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