Maggie Niesen

Graduate Student

Maggie truly believes that relationships are the most important ingredient to a happy, fulfilled life. Relationships also bring a great amount of stress, and they take work to maintain. If you need help in your relationship with your partner, with members of your family, or in your relationship with yourself, Maggie is here to provide a warm, safe space for you with her genuine acceptance and care for her clients.

Maggie will help you navigate the joy and complexities of your most important interpersonal relationships. In individual therapy, the focus will be on exploring your authentic self and identifying your strengths to create change. A positive, healthy relationship with yourself is crucial to your own wellbeing and will help you build strong relationships with others. In couple’s therapy, emphasis will be placed on reconnecting you and your partner through the exploration of your emotional needs. In family therapy, Maggie will help empower each family member to communicate their needs more effectively with one another.

Maggie hopes to bring respect and enthusiasm into the room, inviting empathy to be a central tenant of therapy. Her areas of interest include working with those who experience depression, anxiety, feelings of isolation and loneliness, grief, and life transitions. Maggie works with a variety of populations and welcomes children, adolescents, young adults, older adults, couples, families of all sizes, and LGBTQ+ members. Maggie looks forward to personalizing your therapy experience to fit your unique needs.


Maggie Niesen