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Tessa Meyer

Graduate Student

Life tends to throw a variety of different obstacles throughout our lives, whether that be during childhood, teenage years, or navigating adult life. Because every person deals with a unique set of challenges, it requires a unique set of solutions and tools to navigate life’s experiences.  

Tessa brings empathy, respect, and patience into her therapy sessions and prides herself on being authentic and a great listener. Taking the first step of deciding to come to therapy is a tremendous step in a positive direction, and it's her goal to be her patient’s listening ear and safe space. Whether that’s needing an outside perspective on your situation or helping you build toward a set of healthy coping skills, Tessa will listen closely to your needs and believes in developing a plan of action. Tessa has always been an advocate for mental health, and it's her mission to be an advocate for all of her clients.

Tessa enjoys working with individuals who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship troubles, trauma, and more.


Tessa Meyer
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