Tim Woody


Everyone has values and goals. My role as a counselor is to come alongside you as you consider and experience what gets in the way of your values. Sometimes the barrier can be life events, family history, trauma or other mental health barriers like anxiety and depression. Because each person is unique it takes creativity to create the change and growth that each person wants for themselves and for their relationships. I believe it is my role to support my clients with creatively exploring what that growth, change and healing looks like.

I enjoy using pop culture and geek and gaming cultures to facilitate the kind of growth that promotes a healthy and relationally connected life. I use my education and learning with Motivational Interviewing (MI), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and elements of Psychodrama to help clients identify values and take measured steps toward growth.

I care deeply about equity and believe in affirming the diversity of human identities and experiences. I work to recognize and engage with how beliefs, privilege, discrimination and inequities impact each person’s development and identity.


Tim Woody