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Chesterfield Counseling Associates

Get the relationships you want

This is your story.  Let us help you write it.

Who We Serve

kids and teens

and the parents who raise them!

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Is your child or teen a mystery?  Are you worried and are not sure why?  Let us help you take what you know, view it differently, and make your relationship more of what you desire.



Are you feeling overwhelmed? Anxious? Do you feel stuck? Maybe nothing feels like fun anymore and life feels like work.  This can happen to anyone.  You don't need to stay in that place.


Call us.  Or email and ask us to call you.  Not only do we want to help,

we know from experience we can. 


Happy Couple on the Beach

Couples in all stages of their relationship can benefit from counseling. Why?

To deepen connection, improve communication and how to connect in healthy ways.  Through personalized couples therapy, you and your counselor will work together to create a relationship based on intimacy, openness and support.  

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