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Anna Parker


Have you gotten to a point where you feel lost, stressed, or in a rut in your relationship and/or life? Are you at the end of your rope with yourself and/or your relationship? You may wonder if you will feel normal or happy again. You may have reoccurring thoughts about past events or future events that increase stress and anxiety. These thoughts may be overpowering and you cannot focus. It is okay, many people get to this point, you are not alone.

This is where I can help. Our therapy sessions will focus on helping you reconnect with yourself, the present, and make yourself and/or your relationship a priority. If you are willing to put in the work, we can find new ways to help you feel like yourself again and increase your happiness. As a therapist, I work with my clients in a collaborative manner. I strive to work as a team to find the best way to help you reach your goals in therapy.

In individual therapy, we will focus on yourself and your emotions. We will identify therapeutic goals that are important to you and help you organize your thoughts. In couple's therapy, we will focus on reconnecting you and your partner. In family therapy, we will focus on increasing communication and find new ways to approach difficult situations. It may feel like you have tried everything and nothing is working. If you are ready for change, I am ready to work with you and help you reach your goals to feel happy and satisfied in your life and/or relationship again.


Anna Parker
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