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Katie Garza

Counselor & Clinical Associate

Navigating through life’s ups and downs can be both joyful and stressful. I have learned that it is important to accept the idea that it is okay to not be okay all of the time. Keeping this in mind, it is also more than okay and beneficial to seek help and guidance in both times of hardship and success in life. I am here to be part of a strong support system and to provide guidance to both individuals and couples seeking continual growth in their mental health.

Over time, I am blessed to have had experience in both professional and personal environments working with a variety of populations in the community including: young children, both typically and atypically developing, leading youth and adolescents in both individual and small group settings at my church, and working with couples, while also providing parent education if desired.

Whether you are struggling with something debilitating or just need support and a kind listening ear, I would love to be a consistent and reliable part of your journey.


Katie Garza
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