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Sandy Piper

Co-Founder & Counselor

Are you looking for a counselor who is down to earth, understands real world problems and will help you find real world solutions? Do you value honesty, competence and confidentiality? Then we would likely work well together.

While I am not yet older than dirt (unless you ask my kids), I have a bit of life under my belt. In my opinion (and that of my current clients) it makes me a better counselor.

I work with all kinds of people--kids, teens, adults, parents. If you are dealing with issues related to anxiety, depression, disordered eating, self-harm, trauma--acute or chronic or just those normal life changes that can get to all of us from time to time, counseling helps tremendously.

Specific training in EMDR, EFT and Gottman.

Specialize in CBT, Transactional Analysis, Person-Centered, Positive, ACT, and others.


Sandy Piper
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