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Steve Lowe


I am not your typical counselor . . . you won't find me busy looking at my notes and only paying attention half the time you're talking. My style is very conversational and I'll share about myself any time it is pertinent or when asked.

I don't believe in dragging counseling out because it is expensive. Why waste your time and money? You've got a problem so let's get to fixing it! Bottom line--your quality of life is not where you want/need it to be and it's my job to help you improve it.

I specialize in almost any type of crisis: relationship, financial, work or even existential (ok, so maybe not the last but I'll give it a try!). I tend to address a lot of the following issues: Boundaries, PTSD, marriage and family matters, personal growth, addictions, general relationship, OCD and many, many other areas.

In the last 20 years I have been a police officer/hostage negotiator, pastoral associate, business owner and counselor. Each of these have made me a better therapist. I've literally seen everything humanity has to offer so NOTHING will shock me about your story! I love people and seeing them grow is the best feeling ever!


Steve Lowe
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