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Join guest teacher and grief expert,

Angela Beise

November 23rd  8am - Noon

good grief


Grief is an experience we will all have at various points in our lives. This class explores aspects of grief you may not have specifically identified such as grief related to ambiguous loss and anticipatory grief. 

This workshop is designed to bring hope and healing by helping you build a deeper understanding of the grieving process and how it is unique for each person.  You will also learn tools to help you embrace grief in healthy ways.

Join guest teacher, grief expert and CCA member, Angela Beise, as she shares practical wisdom and deep personal insight to help you heal from the many forms of grief that happen in life.

Practical Portable


Would you like to learn to reduce stress in a way that is convenient?  Turn anxiety into background noise rather than a blaring horn?

Join Chrissy Stergos and CCA on a journey into practical mindfulness.  You will learn to incorporate BE HERE NOW into your everyday life with hardly a blip in your daily routine.  Retrain your brain and improve your emotional resilience. Research shows the ability to do this may actually increase your productivity.  It will certainly improve your quality of life.

Friday, Nov 15th, 7pm to 8:30pm at CCA


Saturday, Nov 16, 9am to 10am at the

Al Foster Memorial Trailhead