Learning to Live With Loss

Sat, Oct 17th, 9am to 12pm

2nd Floor Conference Room, Suite 225

Finding Hope After Suicide --

A Survivor's Guide

Sat, Oct 24th, 9am-10:30am via Zoom

OPEN Registration

Practical, Portable Mindfulness

Fri, Oct 23rd, 6:30 to 9pm via Zoom

Sat, Oct 24th, 9-10am at Rockwood Reservation

Why It's Hard to Feel Successful--

A Hope Filled Workshop for Men

Fri, Oct 30th, 7-9pm & Sat, Oct 31, 9am-noon

2nd Floor Conference Room, Suite 225

Living Spiritually Healthy

Fri, Nov 6th, 6:30pm-8:30pm &

Sat, Nov 7th, 9am-12pm

CCA 1st Floor, Suite 217

Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome

Fri, Nov 6th, 7-9pm & Sat, Nov 7th, 9am-12pm

2nd Floor Conference Room, Suite 225

Parenting With Hope

Fri, Nov 14th, 9am-noon

via Zoom

Chesterfield Counseling Associates

15455 Conway Road, Suite 117

Chesterfield, MO 63017