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Do You Know What the Moon Looks Like?

By Marshall Groom, Guest Writer & Friend

Do you know what the moon looks like? Big ole’ full moon night, not a cloud in the sky…

Warning: it’s a trick question.

Did you know that while the moon orbits the earth, it does not itself rotate?


Who cares?

Right, no one cares, except that means we only ever see “one side” of the moon. Ever!

Depending on where it is in its 28-day orbit of the earth, it is lit differently by the sun but, we only see one side (at the very best). “Our” side, if you will… : )

So once more, do you know what the moon looks like? We’ll get right back to that…

Did you know that the moon is like relationships? With our children, grandchildren, employer, spouses, God, etc.

We see it from the side “we” see it from.

We don’t see what “they” see.

We don’t see ourselves talking, responding, not responding, etc.

Second biggest mistake ever, thinking you know what the moon looks like…

After many years on this planet, watching the moon (and other things), I would argue the answer isn’t to "see" the whole moon. I mean, that would be nice but that’s not possible.

Yet another big think I CAN see the whole moon.

What I “can” do is (my best to see the "whole" moon) and at the end of the day, remember to factor into my perceptions, judgments and conclusions, that at best, on a clear night, without a cloud in the sky, I only ever see half the moon.

So, one last time… Do you know what the moon looks like?

(please don’t think this question has anything to do with moon) : )

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