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Hadley Holt


Hadley has a desire to help to equip people who struggle with anxiety, depression and grief. He received his Master of Counseling from Lindenwood University and has since spent more than a year in crisis and trauma related work including anxiety, depression and suicide ideation.

Hadley uses his knowledge of authors, thinkers, alongside a positive growth mindset to help reframe situations. This approach allows his clients to see their circumstance with a positive outlook. With a creative pursuit in tackling mental health barriers, Hadley holds space in each unique circumstance.


Hadley also has a podcast called the “Weekly IV” where he uses his own real-life experiences, such as being a brain cancer survivor, to focus on individuals who have overcome obstacles. He highlights stories and experiences where individuals who were facing hardship have, with a dose of courage, expanded their lives into something that is impactful to others.

If you have any questions or you would like to reach out to Hadley, please feel free to call or email using the information below.


Hadley Holt
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