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Mary Kate Mueller

Graduate Student

Are your past experiences weighing you down? Maybe you’re feeling lost, and you don’t know what your next step is? Have the little stressors in life piled up so much that it’s become too overwhelming? I am so proud of you for taking this first step in caring for yourself! My name is Mary, and as your counselor, I would like to meet you where you are and work through your experiences with you. I believe in considering new ways to think about our experiences, exploring boundary setting and coping skills, and the power of gentle confrontation. I also strongly believe in empowering my clients! I hold a safe space for you to be authentically yourself, so that we can work to preserve your mental health and best care for you, together. 

I am a Counselor in Training from Lindenwood University. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Maryville University in 2021, and have previous experience working in the field of mental health. My areas of interest are anxiety, depression, trauma, emotional dysregulation, and interpersonal conflict. I look forward to meeting you and starting this journey together!


Mary Kate Mueller
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