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The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Author: Ashleigh Nalty, MAC, PLPC, CMS-CHt

Have you ever left a destination and arrived at your next destination without even remembering the drive? Have you ever been so deeply engaged in a workout that you totally forget that it hurts? Have you ever started a book and couldn’t put it down? Or have you ever scrolled on social media and didn’t realize that 30 minutes drifted by? These scenarios are examples of what it is like being in the state of hypnosis. So what exactly is hypnosis? It is often portrayed in the media that hypnosis is a wacky phenomenon that causes others to act silly and surrender their wills to a total stranger. Or worse, confess their deepest darkest secrets. But-despite its negative connotations, hypnosis is actually the superpower that allows you to gain control of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind in which we all have access to. When in hypnosis, the critical factor (or the “chatterbox” of the mind) is relaxed and bypassed in order for positive ideas to reach the subconscious mind. Like a computer’s software system, the subconscious mind is the software system in the body. It stores past programming (memories, beliefs, and ideas accepted in the past) and utilizes the information as reference to guide one’s everyday life. Our subconscious mind reflects the way we see the world and respond to it. In other words, many people are operating based on ideas and thoughts once accepted (either consciously or unconsciously) that may be having a positive and or negative effect on what they desire. In a hypnotherapy session, a hypnotherapist works collaboratively with the co-therapist (client) to design and construct positive suggestions and powerful guided imagery prior to hypnosis. During hypnosis, co-therapist experience physical relaxation, yet remain mentally alert, emotionally calm and fully aware while in session. The co-therapist is in complete control of their thoughts, feelings, actions and what they choose to say or not say out loud. Hypnotherapy can be used to achieve any goal one desires to accomplish. Hypnotherapy can be used for: -Smoking Cessation -Weight Management -Eliminating fears and phobias -Public Speaking -Sports Performance -Releasing Trauma -Healing Addictions -Pain Management _Discovering special talents and skills -Child Birth Conception and Preparation -Grief and loss of a loved one -Writer’s and Creative block -Managing Stress -Money and Prosperity Reprogramming -Attracting Desired Soulmate

And much more…

Ultimately, hypnotherapy creates long lasting results simply because it enables us to tap into our software system and reprogram it to our likings. As a result, what we desire becomes more easily accessible and achievable. As someone who uses self-hypnosis daily, it is such a relief to know the power of hypnosis and how life-changing this transformational style of therapy is. My goal is to assist others with accessing their inner resources through hypnosis, in order to design and create the life they desire.

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