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Where is my Motivation? Author: Grace Adams, CIT

As you begin reading, indulge me stop to think about the next task you have to get done. Now, take a moment and examine how you feel about getting it done. What's your attitude like? How long have you been trying to complete it?

And now, let's be honest here, how motivated do you feel right now to complete that task or do the next thing?

If you're like me, finding the motivation can be a challenge. It can either feel like a heavy weight, or like a little bug that continues to buzz around your face and just won't go away. Both are distracting and burdensome and can keep us from moving forward. We all could use an extra boost of motivation.

One of the fascinating things I have learned about motivation is how being motivated is our choice. It is my decision to reach my goals, finish a task, or do that next thing.

Who else didn't want to hear that?

Well, let me share again, it's our choice. We have that control.

With that being said, let's look at some ways to increase our motivation. I find that if I pick two or three from the list below, it can help move that motivation needle.

-STAY POSITIVE and focus on the benefits of completing a task or reaching a goal. When we are feeling down or unmotivated, we can remind ourselves of the benefits of achieving goals. What good will come from completing that task? This will help us to stay focused and motivated.

-TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF and your health. Are we eating a balanced diet, getting proper amounts of sleep, moving our bodies physically, allowing our brain space to be creative by limiting our screen time?

-FIND ACCOUNTABILITY whether it comes from having someone else help hold us accountable or using some sort of other tool such as journaling, check lists, or goal setting.

-REWARD and work to spend time or plan a hike, a meal, or an outing with someone we genuinely enjoy.

-BREAK DOWN the larger goals into smaller ones. This way, the large ones don't seem so overwhelming, and before we know it, we are on the way to reach our goal.

And lastly.